Meet Our Papered Buck....Clover

Danika-Our Unpapered Doe

Holland Lop Bunnies for Sale! We Currently have 5 Babies for Sale Born on 4/15/2016 Doe: Dutchess (Frosted) and Buck: Clover (Broken Orange)! For More Information on Adopting One of Our Pure Bred Holland Lop Bunnies, Please Call Us at 816-296-3530. Thank You for Looking...Pics Coming Soon!

We currently have 3 Breeding Does and 1 Breeding Buck. 2 of Our Does and Our 1 Buck are Papered.

Meet Our Does:

Dutchess-Our Papered Doe

Snow White-Our Papered Doe

Baby Holland Lop Bunnies Born April 14th....Taking Deposits